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the road to freelance content writing

My road to freelance content writing involved a lot of jumping around at first. It took me a while to discover my passion and figure out how to make it work, but once I took the leap, there was no going back. Working freelance allows me to serve multiple clients in an efficient way. With my innate need to be organized and my love of deadlines, I can make sure all my clients receive the content they need before they actually need it. 

Not a stylist -- Ok, I'm a stylist

After filling in for a few shoots for a stylist friend who was on maternity leave, I started getting more calls for styling jobs for myself. At first, I was adamant that I was NOT a stylist, however, after several years styling both commercial, fashion, and creative shoots, I need to admit it. I am a stylist.

How do i do it?

  • Able to learn new topics quickly and thoroughly in order to produce accurate, relevant content over a variety of topics
  • Highly capable of producing large quantities of exceptional content (Sometimes up to 5,000 words per day)
  • Detail-oriented with a mind for quality verbiage and style
  • Experienced with editing, re-writing, and re-working existing content
  • Forged excellent contacts throughout the local fashion industry
  • Can consistently provide on-brand styling that is always fresh, creative, and interesting